Getting Married In Atlanta This Summer?

Planning the perfect wedding may sometimes take a whole year to formulate.  There’s the dress, the tux, the caterers, the venue, the cake, the seating arrangements, invitations…you see what we’re hinting at?  So much goes into the success of this momentous occasion.  One detail that often gets looked over is transportation. Here’s how we can assist you:

Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off

With our headquarters located just minutes away from the airport, you can count on us arriving promptly. We’re available 24 hours for your convenience. Your stylish towncar or our equally luxurious SUV awaits.  Need more room for larger families?  That’s fine, we have mini busses with space for up to 14-41 passengers depending upon your selection.

Transportation To The Main Event

Wedding rehearsals aren’t complete without everyone in attendance.  When you hire us for your Atlanta car service, you can rest assure that key players and everyone else of your choosing will arrive as needed.  Take advantage of our limos to arrive and escape in style.

Extra Fun

Guests will travel near, far, and wide to see the union of two people they care for.  For those family members and friends that would like to venture out past the hotel, we’ll help navigate them through the city.  Explore all of the landmarks Atlanta has to offer with comfortable and clean, group transportation.

Our wedding services include packages that are flexible and affordable to match your budget.  Let us tailor a package to fit your needs, leaving you with more time to add those last minute finishing touches.  If you want to ensure that things go smoothly and that everyone arrives safely, contact us today!