Senior Living Facility Shuttle Services

Senior living facilities provide assisted living to senior citizens while still encouraging a healthy level of independence. Most senior living facilities require shuttle services for their residents to maintain this healthy balance.

While some facilities provide their own shuttle services, many senior living facilities are choosing to outsource their shuttle services, so they can save on vehicle ownership and maintenance costs. These facilities also save on employment and insurance expenses while reducing their liability at the same time.

MTI Limos is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a large transportation fleet, which is perfect for senior living facilities of all sizes. Our vehicles include mini-buses and vans, charter buses, and wheelchair accessible shuttle buses.

Wheelchair Accessible Shuttles

Many senior citizens have limited mobility, which requires them to use a wheelchair, but that shouldn’t stop them from getting out and seeing the world on a regular basis.

MTI Limos is able to provide wheelchair accessible shuttle buses, which offer:

  • Traditional bus seating for 13
  • A side-entry ramp for loading and unloading of passengers
  • A power lift
  • Designated wheelchair spaces
  • Security tie downs for wheelchairs and scooters to ensure passenger safety

MTI Limos can provide safe and comfortable shuttle services for senior living residents who have complete or limited mobility without the need for multiple vehicles!

Medical Transportation

Many senior living residents have on-going health needs, which require regular trips to the hospital or doctor. MTI Limos is happy to provide safe, non-emergency medical transportation.

We know that people with medical conditions cannot afford to become stranded, so our vehicles are reliably maintained by our on-site mechanics.

Our chauffeurs are professionally trained to assist customers with a wide variety of needs, and we take the utmost consideration for our clients who have medical issues.

Let MTI Limos provide your senior living facility’s medical transportation services, and your residents will arrive on-time and safely with our compassionate drivers behind the wheel.

Grocery Store Trips

Do you plan a trip to the grocery store once or more a week for your residents?

Our shuttles at MTI Limos have plenty of comfortable seating and ample luggage space for passengers and their groceries.

We require our drivers to undergo a criminal background check when they’re hired as well as random drug testing. Our staff is professionally trained in arrivals and departures of small and large parties. We ensure the safe and timely arrival and return of all our passengers.

Religious Shuttle Services

Many senior living residents prefer to attend religious services at their regular church, temple, or other religious institution that they attended before moving.

MTI Limos is happy to provide religious shuttle services for these senior living residents. Your residents can still express their faith through dutiful attendance when you hire MTI Limos.

Shuttles for Senior Outings

Does your senior living facility plan special outings for its residents? MTI Limos provides transportation for attending Atlanta sporting events as well as transportation to Atlanta concert venues, theaters, convention centers, and more!

We can accommodate both small and large groups. Book MTI Limos today if your residents like to attend:

  • Baseball games
  • Concerts
  • Musicals and plays
  • Symphony orchestras
  • And much more!

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